Lorn Jean  at  The Scottish Fashion Awards 2016.    Wearing a bespoke full length dress by LORN JEAN®.

Lorn Jean at The Scottish Fashion Awards 2016.

Wearing a bespoke full length dress by LORN JEAN®.


Lorn Jean is an award-winning Scottish fashion designer crossing between the realms of garment design and jewellery construction design.  Since 2016, Lorn has been devoted to the invention and application of new forms of designed jewellery within exquisitely executed garment and accessory design.  By combining the most traditional and specialised skills in garment drafting, Lorn combines this with new, creative materials and jewellery to realise her unique vision.

Lorn has been recognised as an innovator in combining invented jewellery and garment design together in unique forms which not only produce a beautiful aesthetic, but also play on the sculptural nature of the techniques combined with the fluidity of the material.  The ergonomic qualities of the techniques created, and the methods of construction within the garments are not only decorative but also emotionally considerate to the many beautiful and diverse forms of the human physique.

Her unique vision and approach to design has made Lorn’s design work distinctive and recognisable which has earned her critical acclaim and interest from world leading museums for exhibition opportunities.

Lorn Jean’s ‘Florentine Dress’, from her February 2017 collection, ‘Les Monsters de Monaco’ is currently on loan to the renowned National Museum of Scotland’s permanent collection until 2021.  The exquisite dress was created entirely by Lorn Jean and is seamlessly constructed with over 10,000 silver plated metal pieces as well as handmade lace embellished with Swarovski® crystals.  

As an iconic and ethereal interpretation of research following a visit to the beautiful Principality of Monaco, the Florentine dress was created completely organically on the mannequin. 

Lorn Jean gained instant recognition for her work upon graduating from both a BA (Hons) and Master of Fine Arts in Fashion Design with Distinction from The University of Edinburgh.  Awards including The Graduate Fashion Week Innovation Award (2016), the ICG Accessories Award (2016) and the Betty Davies Award for Impeccable Finish and Innovation (2016) recognised her distinctive use of jewellery within design.  Lorn Jean was also nominated for an award by the Scottish Fashion Awards (2016), a guest of the British Fashion Awards (2016) whilst further awards include the Creative Industries Award (2017) and the ’100 Disrupters Award’ (2018).  

Today, Lorn continues to work within her Edinburgh-based studio, where designs are conceptualised, created and bespoke gowns meticulously crafted solely by the designer’s own hands.  

Ready-to-wear, limited fine Glovewear and fine jewellery lines are in development to be released in limited quantities this Autumn 2019.  If you would like to enquire further about how to acquire a piece from either of these upcoming collections, please contact LORN JEAN® directly to make an enquiry.


“I have a particular love towards balance in design.  Refinement and clean cut silhouettes are important to me.  Reinventing classic cutting to bring a modernity to it yet retaining a timeless elegance as well as creating exquisite detail in the design and construction are paramount. The finest materials, responsibly sourced and highly considered design which strikes the balance between creativity and wearability is a focus in the development of the collections. 

Intelligent construction and pattern cutting to achieve this is a strength for the brand and an area that I consider of extreme importance.   These key elements create the unique aesthetic of LORN JEAN® and continue to push and develop the beautiful and unique detail-orientated design.”


Lorn Jean studied fashion design at The University of Edinburgh with a focus on tailoring, technical garment construction and innovation for 4 years for which she gained a First Class Honours Undergraduate degree to then pursue furthering her education in design, gaining a distinction with a two-year Master of Fine Art in Fashion  (MFA).  Her work has been recognised with several prestigious awards and her unique approach to design led her to set up her own business to pursue creating unique and exquisitely detailed garments and accessories.

Emotionally Considerate Design

Impact on the wearer is of extreme importance.  ‘Emotionally Considerate Design’ is an integral aspect for the development of the collections in order to encourage positive and healthy developments within the fashion environment.  This proposes that when designing, the impact that a design has on the emotions of the wearer should be wide-reaching and considerate.  Knowledge about how different aspects of a design could effect someones emotions is central to creating intelligent and highly refined garments which are both beautiful and create positive emotions to the wearer.

Crossing Between the Realms of Garment Design and Jewellery Design. Exquisite and Refined. This is LORN JEAN®