Image above: The Riviera Dress // LES MONSTRES DE MONACO // February 2017

RILA'S REFRACTION // September 2017

Rila's Refraction is a small showcase collection presenting the beautiful manifestation of intense development in the integration and design of new construction methods. The Rila's Refraction collection liberates the movement of the body through beautifully integrated and individually crafted decorative elements. This intense development into new construction methods focuses on the innovation of decorative seaming with equally beautiful movement - the feel of the garment and positive emotional impact is as always especially important. Rila's Refraction is an ongoing development project.  More collection insight will follow shortly... 

The ‘LES MONSTRES DE MONACO’ collection exhibits intelligently and creatively cut designs which integrate thousands of beautifully sculpted pieces of metal as the only means of construction - this creates a highly embellished and impressive surface design.  Seamless from normal sewing construction, the garments are meticulously manufactured by hand individually within the studio to create beautiful and usual form through embellishment as connection.  

A mark of elegance, of consideration and balance. Exquisite and refined. The mark of LORN JEAN™.