The LORN JEAN® collections focus on exquisitely executed details and design using extremely labour-intensive techniques which create a stunning aesthetic with the use of luxurious materials.   New and innovative construction methods are a focus in the brand aesthetics which are developed to create unique forms and seaming within garments.   The construction is both decorative and emotionally considerate to the many beautiful and diverse forms of the physique through the ergonomic qualities of the techniques.

Each garment is completely unique.  The garment designs created by LORN JEAN® are defined through extensive tailoring techniques combined with creative cutting to inform a refined aesthetic.  The garment jewellery is designed and made specifically to each individual design - it is created by hand through joining together thousands of silver metal pieces in order to form the construction within the design.  Further LORN JEAN® fine jewellery can be selected for finishing.  For any enquiries about select pieces or bespoke orders, please find a link to contact LORN JEAN® below.